Simplicity 1696929 Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Simplicity 1696929 Snow Blower, you are not alone. Many Simplicity 1696929 owners experience issues with their snow blower from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Simplicity 1696929

Simplicity 1696929 Snow Blower Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Simplicity 1696929:

The Simplicity 1696929 engine does not start.

Cause Solution
  • The key is not installed or turned to the OFF position
  • Install the key or turn it to the ON position
  • A cold engine that requires priming.
  • Press the primer button two times and start the engine.
  • A CLOSED fuel shut-off valve
  • Turn the fuel shut-off valve (if equipped) to the OPEN position
  • An empty fuel tank.
  • Fill the fuel tank with clean fuel.
  • The choke is at the OPEN/RUN position with a cold engine.
  • Turn the choke to the CLOSED/START position.
  • The engine is flooded.
  • Turn the choke to the OPEN/RUN position, move the throttle control to the FAST position (if equipped), and crank the engine until it starts.

The Simplicity 1696929 engine is hard to start, operates poorly, or stops after several minutes

Cause Solution
  • Stale fuel, or moisture in the fuel
  • Fill the fuel tank with clean fuel
  • The fuel cap is too tight
  • Remove the fuel cap and install it again. DO NOT tighten the fuel cap is too much

The Simplicity 1696929 Too much vibration

Cause Solution
  • Loose parts or a damaged impeller.
  • Stop the engine immediately. Remove the ignition key or push/pull the key. Look for loose hardware on all moving parts and tighten as necessary. If the vibration continues, contact an authorized service dealer

The Simplicity 1696929 auger does not stop within 5 seconds after the auger control lever is released

Cause Solution
  • The auger control cable is adjusted incorrectly
  • See Adjusting the Auger Cable.

The Simplicity 1696929 discharge chute or deflector does not work.

Cause Solution
  • The discharge chute or deflector out of adjustment
  1. Check and lubricate the worm gear drive of the deflector assembly with a lithium based grease.
  2.  Check the following wire harness connections:
    • chute deflector pod
    • rotation and deflector motors
    • alternator
  • The discharge chute or deflector is not lubricated.
  • Lubricate the control linkage and pivot points. See Lubricating the Control Lever Linkage

The Simplicity 1696929 scraper bar does not clean hard surfaces

Cause Solution
  • The skid shoes are incorrectly adjusted.
  • Raise or lower the skid shoes. See Adjusting the Skid Shoe Height
  • A worn scraper bar.
  • Replace the scraper bar. See Replacing the Scraper Bar

The Simplicity 1696929 does not throw snow

Cause Solution
  • The auger control cable is out of adjustment.
  • Adjust the auger control cable. See Adjusting the Auger Cable.
  • A broken shear pin or shear bolt.
  • Replace the shear pin or bolt. See Replacing the Shear Pins or Shear Bolts
  • A clogged discharged chute.
  • STOP THE ENGINE! Make sure that the auger and impeller do not rotate. Use the clean-out tool to remove the snow from the discharge chute. DO NOT clean a clogged discharge chute with your hands! See Clearing a Clogged Discharge Chut
  • Unwanted materials lodged in the auger.
  • STOP THE ENGINE! Make sure that the auger and impeller stopped rotating. Use a clean-out tool to remove the unwanted material. DO NOT remove unwanted material from the auger and impeller with your hands! See Clearing a Clogged Discharge Chute.

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