Shark HS100 Series Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Shark HS100 Series Vacuum Cleaner, you are not alone. Many Shark HS100 Series owners experience issues with their vacuum cleaner from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Shark HS100 Series

Reported Shark HS100 Series Issues

What issue are you encountering?


  • My unit has no or low suction
    • Plug in and turn on the vacuum
  • The brush roll is not spinning
    • Ensure the unit is plugged in and turned on. Place your foot on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back to engage the brush roll
    • What color is the Brushroll Indicator light?
      • No Light
        • Unplug the vacuum.
        • Detach the handheld vacuum from the wand. Using a flashlight, check the 3-hole connector at the end of the handheld vacuum. Remove any debris.

        • Remove the wand from the floor nozzle. Check the pins on the floor nozzle connection point that connects to the wand for debris or damage.

        • Attach the handheld vacuum directly to the nozzle, pressing firmly until you hear a “click”.
        • Plug in the unit.  Press lightly on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back to engage the brush roll. Now turn on the unit
      • Solid/Flashing Red
        • If lights are flashing red the motor in the nozzle may have overheated. Allow the unit to cool down for 60 minutes after the steps are done.
        • If the light turns red only happens on a particular carpet/rug, try using an accessory to clean these areas.
        • Note to agent: Please document what type of carpet in the notes (EX. Plush, level loop, shag, or multilevel)
        • Is the unit set to the correct setting?  Setting I should be used on bare floors and small area rugs while Setting II should be used on carpets. The unit has a safety feature to prevent the brush roll motor from overheating on thick carpet.
        • There could also be a clog in the nozzle.
        • Plug in and turn on the vacuum using Setting I – Bare Floors. Gently step on the footprint icon on the floor nozzle and tilt the vacuum handle back to engage the brush roll.
        • Run it back and forth across the floor
  • My vacuum will not turn on or turn off on its own
    • Check the power cord for damage and the plug prongs for being loose
  • Hair Wrap
    • Self Cleaning Brushroll technology actively removes hair from the brush roll while the vacuum is running. If you see hair wrapped around the brush roll, please perform the following steps.
    • Go to a place in your home with hard flooring, or low-pile carpet.
    • Turn the vacuum on. Select Setting ll (Carpet). Tilt the handle back.
    • Run the vacuum for 30 seconds.
    • Shut off and unplug the vacuum.
    • Inspect the floor nozzle for hair on the main brush roll. If some of the hair has been removed, the technology is working. Extend cleaning time in carpet mode for all the hair to be removed
  • There is a burning smell
    • If the smell is the out-of-the-box unit, this may be a new motor smell for the first couple of uses.
    • Turn off and unplug the vacuum.
    • Inspect the power cord and plug for exposed wires, burns, or obvious damage
  • My vacuum is making an unusual noise
    • The sound of the vacuum is loud due to the motor position in the handheld (air rushing similar to an airplane). Check if the noise is pitchy and coming from the floor nozzle.
    • Turn off and unplug the vacuum.
    • Detach the floor nozzle from the handheld and extension wand.
    • Remove the dust cup by squeezing the dust cup release tabs on the bottom of the handheld and pull the dust cup out.
    • Holding it over a trash receptacle, press the release button near the top of the dust cup. With both hands, open the dust cup until it clicks open.

    • Clear away any debris from the cone-shaped metal screen inside the dust cup and close the lid.
    • Look in the handheld piece with a flashlight to determine if any debris is obstructing the openings/airways and remove any clogs.

    • Re-insert the dust cup into the handheld, ensuring each slide clicks into place.

    • Plug the unit in and turn on
  • The handheld vacuum is warm
    • The handheld can get warm after use around the filter exhaust area. Due to stronger suction power compared to other corded stick vacuums, this is normal to experience. Turn off the vacuum and wait for 10 minutes to cool it down. If the handheld is intolerably warm, call back again.
    • Turn off and unplug the vacuum.
    • Remove the handheld from the wand. Remove the filter grill from the top of the handheld and check for signs of melting plastic inside.

  • The buttons are not working
    • Ensure the customer is using their thumb to push the button. The button is easiest to press on the inner, lower part, see photo.

Shark HS100 Series Vacuum Cleaner Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Shark HS100 Series:

The Shark HS100 Series Power cord caught in a brush roll or floor nozzle


  • To minimize the risk of power cord damage, DO NOT run the vacuum over the power cord. If this occurs, immediately shut off the power to the vacuum and remove the cord from the brush roll or nozzle.
  • Inspect the power cord and plug for any damage before use. DO NOT use the vacuum cleaner with a damaged cord or plug. Turn off all controls before plugging in or unplugging the vacuum cleaner. Store your vacuum cleaner with the power cord secured around the two cord hooks

The Shark HS100 Series is not picking up debris. No suction or light suction


  • Empty the dust cup. Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and completely air-drying the filters before reinstalling them.
  • Clear any blockages in the nozzle, wand, handheld vacuum, or accessories. See the Checking for Blockages section for more information.
  • If any string, hair, or carpet fibers remain wrapped around the brush roll after continued use, carefully clear them away.
  • Check the debris intake and clear any blockages. Ensure the intake is locked into place by pushing down on both sides

The Shark HS100 Series lifts area rugs


  • Suction is powerful. Take care when vacuuming area rugs or rugs with delicately sewn edges.
  • Turn off the unit to disengage the brush roll. To restart, press the power button on the handle
NOTE:  Clean area rugs in Bare Floor mode or with accessories

The Shark HS100 Series brush roll does not spin


  • If the brushroll indicator light turns solid red, immediately turn off and unplug the vacuum.
  • Disconnect the wand from the floor nozzle and clear any blockages.
  • Reconnect the wand, plug in the vacuum, and turn on the power.
  • If the brushroll indicator light on the floor nozzle is green, the blockage has been successfully cleared. If the light is still red, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-798-7398

The Shark HS100 Series turns off on its own


  • If your vacuum overheats, the thermostat will automatically turn off the motor. Perform the following steps to restart:
    1. Turn the vacuum off and unplug it.
    2. Empty the dust cup and clean the filters. See Emptying the Dust Cup and Cleaning Filters sections.
    3. Check for blockages in the wand, floor nozzle, handheld vacuum, inlet openings, and accessories.
    4. Reassemble the entire vacuum and ensure all parts click into place.
    5. Allow the unit to cool for a minimum of 60 minutes.
    6. Plug in the vacuum and turn it on

The Shark HS100 Series is making a loud noise


  • If you vacuum up a hard or sharp object or notice a noise change while vacuuming, check for blockages or objects caught behind the brush roll. See Checking for Blockages section for more information

The handheld Shark HS100 Series is warm


  • Due to the strong suction power of the vacuum, it is normal for the area around the filter exhaust to become warm during and after use. Turn off the vacuum and wait 10 minutes for it to cool down. If it still feels warm, clean the pre-motor and post-motor filters. See the Maintenance section for filter cleaning instructions

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