Polaris Tr28P Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Polaris Tr28P Pool Cleaner, you are not alone. Many Polaris Tr28P owners experience issues with their pool cleaner from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Polaris Tr28P

What to do if your Polaris Tr28P is not working?

If your Polaris TR28P pool cleaner is not working, first check if it gets hung up on steps or other obstacles for longer than 3 minutes. To resolve this, inspect the wheel RPM to ensure it’s within the recommended range, confirm the backup valve is cycling, and adjust the thrust jet. Consider removing excess pool hardware or install a Ladder Guard Kit (part # G21) from a Polaris dealer if needed. If the cleaner is sluggish or has less power than normal, clean the filter screen in the in-line filter, the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter, and check for any leaks in the hoses, connections, and swivels.

Should the Polaris TR28P continue to experience issues, such as not backing up or only turning in one direction, verify again that the backup valve is cycling. Check the wheel RPM, and if the bag is full, empty it. Replace the head float if it has taken on water. Ensure that the feed hose is floating to prevent it from affecting the cleaner’s movement. If the feed hose becomes tangled, remeasure it to make sure it is the right length for your pool, and check that all swivels and connections are turning freely.

For a sweep hose that is being sucked into the vacuum tube or spraying too much water out of the pool, ensure there are no blockages at the end of the hose, adjust it for a gentle motion, and consider adding a sweep hose weight (part #B2) if necessary. To improve overall cleaning coverage, ensure the hose length is adequate to reach all areas of the pool, position the thrust jet for effective turning, and check for consistent water jets when the cleaner is upside down.

Following these troubleshooting steps should help resolve most issues with the Polaris TR28P pool cleaner. If the problem persists, consult the user manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

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Polaris Tr28P Pool Cleaner Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Polaris Tr28P:

The Polaris Tr28P Cleaner hangs up on steps or other obstacles for 3 minutes.


  • Check the wheel RPM.
  • Verify the backup valve is cycling.
  • Adjust the thrust jet.
  • Remove unnecessary pool hardware or install a Ladder Guard Kit (part # G21) from a Polaris® dealer.

The Polaris Tr28P Cleaner is sluggish, running with less power than normal.


  • Check the filter screen in the in-line filter and clean, if necessary.
  • Clean the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter.
  • Check all of the hoses, connections, and swivels for leaks that could cause loss of water pressure.
  • Check the wheel RPM.

The Polaris Tr28P Cleaner flies around the pool and/or does not make contact with the bottom.


  • Confirm that the blue restrictor disk is installed in the UWF to decrease water flow. Or, install the red restrictor disk to decrease water flow even more.
  • Check the wheel RPM. If more than 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure relief valve to decrease water flow to the cleaner. Note: The pressure relief valve should only be adjusted when a restrictor disk is installed.
  • Verify the backup valve is cycling. Hold the valve out of the water and watch the jet. It should come on and go off.

The Polaris Tr28P Cleaner does not back up.


  • Verify the backup valve is cycling.
  • Check the wheel RPM.
  • If the bag is full, empty it.
  • If the head float has water in it, replace it.
  • Make sure the feed hose is floating.

The Polaris Tr28P Cleaner only turns in one direction.


  • Adjust the thrust jet.
  • Make sure the feed hose is floating.

The Polaris Tr28P Feed hose becomes tangled.


  • Remeasure the hose to verify that it is adjusted to the proper length for the pool shape.
  • With the cleaner operating, check that the swivels in the hose and the hose connections turn freely.
  • Make sure the feed hose is floating.
  • With the cleaner turned off, spin each of the wheels. All wheels should turn together.

The Polaris Tr28P Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube.


  • Make sure the opening at the end of the sweep hose is not blocked by the sweep hose scrubber.
  • Adjust the sweep hose to a gentle sweeping motion.

The Polaris Tr28P Sweep hose sprays too much water out of the pool.


  • Verify the TailSweep PRO® is installed correctly.
  • Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw.
  • Replace the sweep hose scrubber if it is worn or missing.
  • Add a sweep hose weight (part #B2) available through a Polaris® dealer.

The Polaris Tr28P cleaner does not clean the entire pool


  • Check the hose length reaches within 6” of the farthest point of the pool. If not, order a new hose section from your Polaris dealer.
  • Check thrust jet for straight back position that optimizes random turning.
  • While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube. There should be two distinct, even jets of water. If there are not, contact Customer Service or a Polaris dealer for assistance.

The Polaris Tr28P cleaner is running in circles on its side.


  • Check filter bag, if full it can weigh the cleaner down on one side.
  • Remove the head float and shake it. If there is water in the float, order a new one.
  • Check the hose floats to ensure they are spaced evenly

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Polaris Tr28P Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

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  1. It’s not rolling on the back wheels so it not picking up anything it was just installed on Friday. Not sure what to do.


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