Ego Power+ Snow Blower Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Ego Power+ Snow Blower, you are not alone. Many Ego Power+ Snow Blower owners experience issues with their snow blower from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Ego Power+ Snow Blower
  1. Hello,
    Utilized my blower for the first time yesterday. Powered right up, power drive engaged, augers turning, however no snow was blowing out of the snow discharge chute. Did not see any blockage, not sure what I might be doing wrong.

  2. Machine is essentially brand new. Purchased a year ago and never needed to blow snow – just played with it in the driveway when new. Now the drive is stuck in reverse – will not self drive forward – no matter how much i manipulate the drive direction or speed. Only moves backwards.

    • I purchased new an EGO snow blower Model SNT2110. The lever to move the discharge chute from left to right requires excessive force to move to the right, even with the chute removed. Now the handle moves a bit, but chute will not move at all.
      My question is: Can the entire chute control system be replaced? What is the cost?
      Please contact me.

  3. My ego blows does not sustain a consistent power. Even under load it will run at a higher rpm then if it hits a bump it will drop to a lower rpm.

  4. I got a wood chip stuck in the auger, not enough to shear the pin, I unstuck the wood and nothing. The machine moves forward with no auger. When I press the start button I get the green light, when I engage the auger I get a click noise and the green light on the blower flashes orange.


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