Hayward Tigershark Plus Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Hayward Tigershark Plus Pool Cleaner, you are not alone. Many Hayward Tigershark Plus owners experience issues with their pool cleaner from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Hayward Tigershark Plus

Hayward Tigershark Plus Pool Cleaner Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Hayward Tigershark Plus:

If the Hayward Tigershark Plus does not turn when the remote control is activated:


  • To operate this Remote Control you must press on the ARROW buttons (along the right side of this remote). Pressing on
    the text buttons (along the left side of this remote) will not operate your cleaner.
  • Be sure to aim hand held toward power supply, not the unit.
  • Be sure there are no obstructions between the remote control and the power supply.
  • The distance between the remote control and power supply should not exceed 75 feet. Moving closer will ensure better
  • The batteries in the remote control may need to be replaced. (Requires one CR2032 lithium battery)
  • The overload protection breaker located on the front of the power supply may be tripped. To reset depress the small black
    button located above the flotation cord connection on the power supply.
  • The Turning Foot may be lodged with debris. Turn cleaner off and remove from the pool. Manually work foot in and out to
    clear any debris, foot should slide easily.
  • For remote control units with foam rollers, before operating the transmitter, cleaner must be in water for at least 15 minutes to avoid cleaner from floating.

If Hayward Tigershark Plus Qc cannot climb pool walls:


  • Clean the filter. It may be clogged or too heavy from excessive debris.
  • Brushes may be worn. Inspect brushes and replace if worn.

If Hayward Tigershark Plus fails to pick up fine or heavy debris:


  • Clean the filter. It may be clogged or too heavy from excessive debris.
  • Brushes may be worn. Inspect brushes and replace if worn.

If Hayward Tigershark Plus starts working momentarily but then stops working:


  • Impeller may be clogged or jammed with debris. Check and clean if necessary following the instructions in the maintenance section (page 10).
  • Brush rollers or drive tracks are stuck. Check for debris and clean if necessary.
  • TigerShark is out of the water. Put TigerShark in water and reset the power.

Hayward Tigershark Plus Replacement Parts

How to Diagnose and Repair a Hayward Tigershark Plus

This guide will help you identify and resolve issues with your Hayward Tigershark Plus Pool Cleaner.

What Should I Do If the Hayward TigerShark Plus Does Not Turn When the Remote Control Is Activated?

If your Hayward TigerShark Plus does not respond to the remote control, make sure you are pressing the ARROW buttons on the right side of the remote, as the text buttons on the left side will not control the cleaner. Aim the remote towards the power supply, not the cleaner, and remove any obstructions between the remote and the power supply. Ensure the distance does not exceed 75 feet for optimal reception. If the issue persists, check if the batteries need replacement (it requires one CR2032 lithium battery), or reset the overload protection breaker on the power supply by pressing the small black button above the flotation cord connection. Additionally, if the Turning Foot is lodged with debris, turn off the cleaner, remove it from the pool, and manually clear any debris to ensure the foot slides easily. For units with foam rollers, the cleaner should be in the water for at least 15 minutes before operating the transmitter to prevent floating.

How to Fix Hayward TigerShark Plus QC When It Cannot Climb Pool Walls?

If the Hayward TigerShark Plus QC struggles to climb pool walls, clean the filter as it may be clogged or burdened with too much debris. Also, check the condition of the brushes and replace them if they are worn out.

What to Do If Hayward TigerShark Plus Fails to Pick Up Fine or Heavy Debris?

To address the failure of picking up fine or heavy debris, clean the filter in case it’s clogged. Inspect the brushes for wear and tear, and replace them if necessary to improve cleaning efficiency.

How to Resolve Hayward TigerShark Plus Starting Momentarily But Then Stopping?

If your Hayward TigerShark Plus starts and then stops, examine the impeller for clogs or jams and clean it following the maintenance instructions (refer to page 10 of the manual). Check the brush rollers or drive tracks for trapped debris and clean them. Finally, ensure that the TigerShark is in the water and reset the power if it was out of the water.

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