Hayward Ladybug Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Hayward Ladybug Pool Cleaner, you are not alone. Many Hayward Ladybug owners experience issues with their pool cleaner from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Hayward Ladybug

Hayward Ladybug Pool Cleaner Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Hayward Ladybug:

The Hayward Ladybug slow/no forward movement

Cause Solution
  • Lack of improper water flow through cleaner
  • Clean In-Line Leaf Canister
  • Clean  Hair and Lint Pot
  • Clean Filter System
  • Partial blockage of cleaner throat
  • Clear blockage
  • Worn shoes
  • Replace shoes
  • worn wings
  • Replace wings

The Hayward Ladybug Cleaners movement is fast and erratic

Cause Solution
  • Turn off filter and turn cleaner upside down.
  • Insert a small screwdriver in the notch  at the rear of the  opening. Using a prying motion, remove the throat.

The Hayward Ladybug Cleaner sticks at ladder or wall

Cause Solution
  • Improper vacuum
  • It may be necessary to purchase an AXV096P, “In-Line” vacuum gauge  from your hayward  dealer to verify performance of our system
  • Worn shoes
  • Replace shoes
  • Hose too short
  • Add additional hose per installation instructions
  • Stuck on ladder
  • Remove ladder or install a Hayward AXW100 Ladder Bumper
  • Steering failure
  • Check and clean rear screen
  • Check to see if cone gear rotates smoothly in both directions
If the cleaner appears to be stuck or “hung up” at the wall, ladder, or other obstruction, or anywhere else in the pool, and does return to normal  operation within a minute or so, turn the filter system OFF, Remove the cleaner from your pool. Check for blockages or any other obvious problems. Check the Bumper Ring for free rotation. Check filter system for water flow and re-install the cleaner. If the cleaner is getting stuck, contact your Hayward dealer of Hayward at 1-800-227-1477. Under no conditions should the cleaner remain in the pool connected to the filter system if the problem of getting stuck or “hung-up” is not corrected 

Hayward Ladybug Replacement Parts

How to Diagnose and Repair a Hayward Ladybug

This guide will help you identify and resolve issues with your Hayward Ladybug Pool Cleaner.

What Should I Do If the Hayward Ladybug Has Slow or No Forward Movement?

If your Hayward Ladybug pool cleaner is experiencing slow or no forward movement, first check the water flow through the cleaner. Ensure the In-Line Leaf Canister, Hair and Lint Pot, and Filter System are clean. If there’s a partial blockage of the cleaner’s throat, clear the blockage. Also, inspect the shoes and wings for wear and replace them if necessary.

How to Fix Fast and Erratic Movement of the Hayward Ladybug Cleaner?

For a Hayward Ladybug cleaner that moves fast and erratically, turn off the filter and flip the cleaner upside down. Using a small screwdriver, insert it into the notch at the rear of the opening and pry to remove the throat.

What to Do If the Hayward Ladybug Cleaner Sticks at Ladder or Wall?

When the Hayward Ladybug cleaner gets stuck at a ladder or wall, check the vacuum strength. You may need to purchase an “In-Line” vacuum gauge (AXV096P) from your Hayward dealer to verify the system’s performance. If the shoes are worn, replace them. If the hose is too short, add additional hose as per the installation instructions. To prevent the cleaner from getting stuck on ladders, remove the ladder or install a Hayward Ladder Bumper (AXW100). For steering failure, clean the rear screen and ensure the cone gear rotates smoothly in both directions. If the cleaner gets “hung up,” turn off the filter system, remove the cleaner, check for blockages, and ensure the Bumper Ring rotates freely. After addressing any issues, reinstall the cleaner.

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