Ego Power+ SNT2416 Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Ego Power+ SNT2416 Snow Blower, you are not alone. Many Ego Power+ SNT2416 owners experience issues with their snow blower from time to time, and it can be frustrating to deal with these problems.

I have problems with my Ego Power+ SNT2416

Ego Power+ SNT2416 Snow Blower Problems

Below are common issues and solutions for the Ego Power+ SNT2416:

The Ego Power+ SNT2416 fails to start

Cause Solution
  • Battery pack(s) charge is low.
  • Charge the battery pack(s)
  • The auger is frozen by snow or ice
  • Press the auger-switch trigger after the power indicator lights up solid green. If the power indicator is off, the Ego Power+ SNT2416 will not respond to the pressing of the auger switch trigger.
  • The auger is frozen by snow or ice.
  • Remove the battery pack(s) first, then use the supplied chute cleaning tool to clear the snow or ice that obstructs the auger. Restart the Ego Power+ SNT2416.
  • The battery pack is overheated. The LED indicator on the battery pack(s) flashes orange or shines red. (see the section “BATTERY HIGH-TEMPERATURE PROTECTION” in this manual.)
  • Remove the overheated battery pack(s) from the Ego Power+ SNT2416 and wait until the battery pack(s) cools down to approximately 152°F (67°C). Reinstall the battery pack(s) and restart the Ego Power+ SNT2416
  • Unidentified fault
  • Contact the EGO service center for repair.

The Ego Power+ SNT2416 auger motor is on but the auger does not turn.

Cause Solution
  • The shear pin is broken
  • Replace the shear pin following the section “REPLACING THE SHEAR PIN” in this manual

After passing the Ego Power+ SNT2416 leaves a layer of snow on the ground

Cause Solution
  • The scraper bar is worn
  • Replace the scraper bar following the section “REPLACING THE SCRAPER BAR” in this manual.
  • The skid shoes are set too low to place the scraper bar too far from the ground.
  • Adjust the height of the skid shoes following the section “TO ADJUST THE HEIGHT OF SKID SHOES” in this manual

The Ego Power+ SNT2416 throws less snow

Cause Solution
  • The augers are worn
  • Contact EGO service center for repair.
  • Auger speed may be too low.
  • Increase the auger speed

The Ego Power+ SNT2416 handles fail to be heated

Cause Solution
  • The heating function will turn off automatically when the Ego Power+ SNT2416 is inactive for 10 minutes
  • Press the handle-heating switch to restart the heating.

The Ego Power+ SNT2416 chute moves freely and is not controlled by the chute direction/ pitch control handle

Cause Solution
  • The wire cable under the chute direction/pitch control handle is either secured with a cable/zip tie, bent, or twisted
  • Remove any devices (such as cable or zip ties) that secure/restrict this wire cable and make sure that the wire cable is not bent or twisted and hangs freely.

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