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The green light saying charged our in the water in green then turns off
My cord is twisting. i extend it to allow it to fully untwist but it's not enough. How can the cord be complete untwisted or is a replacement possible?
Hi, I had my Dolphin S100 for abou three years now and was working great, since today. Put it in the water, it started cleaning as usual, when I came back to take it out of the water I saw the bin was empty and I put it back in the water, but the button doesn’t want to turn the blue ligh, it just flashes when I press, but it doesn’t stay on and start cleanig. What should be the problem and the solution. Thanks in advance. Rok
My Seagull charges fine but when put in the pool it goes to the side and stops. If I turn it a bit does go to the other side of the pool then stops again. It seems to be not turning once it hits the side of the pool
When taking it out of the pool while running, the residue dirt goes back into the pool, Why?
Will not turn on. Light will not come on when not plugged in. Will beep and light comes on when plugged in.
My control panel lights up when first plugged in and then will not do anything after that can't power up.
Low salt light is lit but salt level is in range. Has been cleaned but no change.
brand new 1 hp pump, pressure at 18 pounds. Brand new Hayward 400 wheels turn very slow and do not climb wall. Changed inlet from medium to large, no difference.
My Trivac 700 is brand new, when I set to top mode it will skim about 6 feet then go to the bottom and will not come back up and continue skimming the top. The pressure is correct the bag is clean. In bottom mode it will sometime flip upside down and again the pressure is as recommended and the bag is empty. Any idea what I can do to correct these problems would be greatly appreciated.
The 2 clip that hold it together broke, Where can I get them or replace them.
Tire tracks keeps coming off. I have replaced the tire. Is there an issue with the wheel itself
The filter is jammed into the robot and I can't get it out to clean it. Caught on something.
Hello, my Name is Andy, I have the seagull 800b. The Robot will not work. I see only 4 white lights. I can not start the Robot. I have for any second the power Button hold. Can you help me. Best Regards Andy
It hits the wall and stops and never turn around. Like it hits the wall dog sometimes and then just sits there till the battery runs dead or I go move the little flap
Dolphin Explorer e20 comes on but only moves on direction and doesn’t stop. I checked the impeller and it was clear but the motor seems to have a little resistance. What could be the problem?
Hello there! Mine is doing the same Did you ever get a response? Thank you in advance
Turns on moves for a second and then stops
My aiper gets stuck at the wall constantly. Just sits there and doesn’t move.
I used mine Aiper from last may when I got it till the end of season which I closed in September. All winter i kept it charged unplugged it and then recharging it all winter!! It’s keeping the charge! But placed in my pool last week and it goes for a bit then red and blue lights flash a waste of $$$ for sure I’m past warranty also! So frustrated don’t recommend buying this product
I just purchased a aiper robotic pool cleaner and manual states it is fully charged when the blue flashing light goes solid. My problem is that the light nevers goes solid. I left it plugged up for several days and was still flashing and never went solid. I ran the robot and it only lasted for less than 30 minutes
My Polaris turtle moves backwards but does not move forward. Can you offer any suggestions?
Seagull se when plugged in to charge tries to run and gives continuous beeps while trying to run
Pool Blaster will not charge and button when pushed doesn't turn the unit on
I loved the Aiper Seagull SE until now. Fully charged and the lights are blue. It just sits in the bottom of the pool.
Just goes over dirt on bottom not sucking it up? I cleaned out the basket, just doesn’t seem to have the same suction as last year
My Seagull pro will charge and does not turn on. Is there a way to upgrade to the new style charger
It turns on and starts to move then just stops after about 30 seconds.
Does anyone ever answer questions on here, I asked a question 2 weeks ago, I need help
Lights change color on just one of the jets and it won't go but one way.
Power supply lights up & works fine. Vacuum itself is not working at all. Neither motor is turning on..HELP! Thank you.
I just had this issue mine is only 2 weeks old. Did you get any solutions? Or just needed a new one?
Hello, My vacuum is sitting on the bottom of my pool and flashing red lights. I have charged it and it is cleaned out. I am not sure what the problem is.
I found that if I held a skimmer under the device (easier said than done!), a lot of small debris was captured rather than being dropped back into the pool.
There is a short coming from the power supply directly from the proteus dx4. We have already bought a replacement controller where the power is controlled and realized that the short was from the cable connected to the machine. How do we proceed?
I just got this and used it, which worked well. I brought it in to charge but instead of a blinking blue light, the blue light is descending from top to bottom and back. Don't know if it's charging or has a problem.
It will go forward for about three feet and then will go backwards for about a foot and then will shut off
Shark will start to work but you have to give it a push and will run for 10-15 seconds then stops if you help it take off it will do same thing over and over
Same issue,fully charged but not cutting on.
My super just sits on the bottom of the pool. Doesn’t move.
My sweep has stopped moving. I checked the engine no debris. The tread is good one wheel turns very freely. One wheel doesn’t. I need help. I’m very upset.
Same problem did you get a reply? An answer?!!!!! Any answer????
Same problem did you get a reply? An answer?!!!!!
Did anyone get an answer?? Same problem here
I’m having the same issue!! Did anyone answer you? Or all the others! Mine is just sitting in the bottom of the pool also!
when I plug my aquobot breeze iq in the blue light flickers but it wont stay on constant blue?
Unit not charging and the green light is flashing.

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